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QPOC provides resources and tools to empower and educate queer people of color within Temple University and the Philadelphia community. We hold General Body meetings to foster community, create events that are dedicated to different identities and explore the Philadelphia LGBTQ community. We advocate for our students within Temple University to make sure they are treated fairly, respected and safe.  


Inclusion Statement:

This organization strives to provide an inclusive environment for individuals of various backgrounds including but not limited to: ethnic descents, ideologies, spiritual beliefs, race, political perspectives, etc. These individuals may also identify as a member or ally within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning community.

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-QPOC executive board members must be in good academic standing. -QPOC executive board members must attend Temple University while on executive board.

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$15 for the academic year, $10 for one semester

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Address Philadelphia, PA 19122